Irvine Concourse Upgrades

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2030 Main, as a major owner in the Irvine Concourse, is actively engaged and taking a leadership role in developing and rolling out a comprehensive plan for the modernization of the 11 building campus. Among other changes, the modernization effort seeks to:

  1. Replace and upgrade all campus monument, building monument, and way finding signage throughout the concourse;
  2. Replace, upgrade, and significantly increase hard and soft seating areas for individual and small group collaborative use throughout the concourse, and;
  3. Replace and upgrade landscaping elements throughout the campus.

Planning for this project is being done with LPA, a well-regarded urban planning and design firm and one of the largest integrated design firms in California. Subject to final approvals by the Irvine Concourse Owner’s Association, it is anticipated that work on the Concourse redesign will commence in 2015.

New Signage & Wayfinding

IC Monument Signage

Monument Signage at each entry point

Repurpose (28) existing identification signs


Add graphics to parking structure

New Seating & Landscaping


The Central Plant modernization will replace the existing chillers and cooling tower with new ones that take full advantage of variable flow systems that are available today.

Instead of reusing the existing chilled water primary-secondary loop system, the system would be converted to a variable-primary system. A variable-primary system puts the chiller and the buildings on the same chilled water loop and allows for better load-based balancing of the system with variable frequency pumps.

Among other actions, the modernization replaces the existing chillers with three new chillers (of 650, 650, and 200 tons) for a total capacity of 1,500 tons. This capacity would be in excess of the historic peak load requirements of the building thus providing excess capacity should the demand needs of the. Holding increase in the years ahead.

The estimated cost to replace/enhance the system is $2.5 million.

This approach would commence a new useful life period of 30 years for the facility.

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